She was born 1974 in Madrid.

She begins to receive artistic training from an early age in workshops and academies in Madrid. She begins to paint because of her mother´s love for painting. They both shared lots of moments looking throug art books and visiting art exhibitions. Also, her father´s love for cinema, introduces her even more in the world of images.

At the age of 18 she travels to Indianapolis (USA) where she receives art classes at the Lawrence Central High School, which she represents in Senior Category for the “500 Festival of the Arts” contest and gets the first place.

She graduates with honors at the Complutense University of Fine Arts in Madrid.

In the summer of 1996 she attends the landscape scholarship of Ayllón (Segovia), where she feels absolutely free. She obtains the prestigious painting grant from the Rodríguez Acosta Foundation of Granada where she meets the father of her future son.

That same year she won several awards, among them the “Pèbeo Art Contest” with her companions Marian Perez and Iván Solbes, with whom she planned and made an installation in Marseille and a cultural trip to New York.

The Spanish embassy in Belgrade, welcomes her three times to develop her work inspired by the city and its surroundings and finally these trips have their fruit in a solo exhibition at the Jugoslavenska Galerija Umetnickih Dela in 2002.

At the age of 29 she moves to Barcelona where she begins to collaborate with Jordi Barnadas gallery in four solo exhibitions and other projects.

Her son Daniel Prunés is born in 2010.

Thanks to Andrés Moll, the owner of the Galeria Artara of Mahón, she gets to know the island of Menorca, a source of inspiration in many of her paintings.

The Anquin´s Gallery is her main agent in international art fairs. In Madrid she is represented by Jorge Alcolea´s Gallery.

Her next exciting project is a solo exhibition at the Kunststuecke Gallery in Munich.



  • 1974 geboren in Madrid
  • 1992 Kunststudium an der Lawrence Central High School, Indianapolis, USA
  • Complutense University of Fine Arts in Madrid
  • Landscape scholarship of Ayllón (Segovia) 


1999    Puerta de Toledo, REAJ de la Comunidad de Madrid

Fundación Arte XXI, Madrid

2000    Galería María de Oliver, Madrid

2001    Galería Elarte, Madrid

2002    Jugoslavenska Galerija Umetnickih Dela,Belgrado

2003    Galería Estandarte de Madrid

Galería Artara, Mahón, Menorca

Galería Ana Samarán, Madrid

2004   „El otro, el mismo“, Galería Jordi Barnadas, Barcelona

2005    Galería Ana Samarán, Madrid

2006   „Umbrales“, Galería Jordi Barnadas, Barcelona

Galería Espacio G deArte, Tarrasa

2007   „Sa Calma“, Galería Artara, Mahon, Menorca

2008    Galería  22, Igualada, Barcelona

2010    Galería Jordi Barnadas, Barcelona

2012   “Interior”, Galeria Jordi Barnadas, Barcelona

2013    “Recent Paintings” Galeria Jorge Alcolea, Madrid

2014    Galerie Veronese, Nantes, Francia

2015    Galería Anquins, Reus

2016   “Cuento de Verano” Galeria Jorge Alcolea, Madrid

2020 “Luna Nueva” Galeria Jorge Alcolea, Madrid

“ Presente” Galeria Anquins, Reus

2022 “Cuento de Primavera” Galeria Jordi Barnadas, Barcelona

2023 ”Segundas Vidas” Galeria Jorge Alcolea, Madrid



1992   1º Premio del 12th Grade del „500 Festival of the Arts“  Indianapolis, Indiana

1997   PremioAdquisición en la “1ª Bienal Internacional de Artes Plásticas Ayto. de Alcorcón, Madrid

1º Premio “Pébéo Art Contest”, Marsella, Francia

1º Premio de pintura de pequeño formato de la Asociación Española de Pintores y Escultores

2000   Obra seleccionada en la 1ªBienal de Realismo y Figuración Contemporánea . Galeria Clave, Murcia

Seleccionada en el Premio Penagos de Dibujo, Fundación Cultural Mapfre Vida, Madrid

2001   Mención de Honor en el concurso de Dibujo de la Fundación Ynglada Guillot, Barcelona

Premio Adquisición en el I Certamen de Pintura Contemporánea de la Fundación Wellington

Obra seleccionada en la 1ªBienal Internacional de Dibujo Josep Amat. Sant Feliu de Guixols

2002   Obra seleccionada en el 1ºCertamen Ciudad de la Pintura de Caja Vital Kutxa, Vitoria

2008   Seleccionada en la 3ªConvocatoria de la Fundación de las Artes y los Artistas

2010   Obra seleccionada en 77 del Salón de Otoño, Asociación Española de Pintores y Escultores, Madrid